Aide et Action Switzerland

... in a few words

Aide et Action Switzerland is a development NGO that specialises in education.

It is a member of the Aide et Action International Network and is active in 19 countries across 3 continents to fulfill its vision of a world where every person has access to quality education.

Aide et Action Suisse set up offices in Geneva in 1999, and became an organisation under Swiss law in 2002. It is free from religious and political ties.


Our Missions in Switzerland


To sensitise the General Public to the realities of the field and to the challenges inherent in development through education, and establish partnerships with Major Donors and Institutions.

To participate in and animate the organisational life of French-speaking Switzerland: Sustainable Development Festival, North/South Festival, Race for Gift, CAGI…


Project coordination: project design, monitoring and evaluation, field visits, exchanges of best practices, capacity building, funding, collaboration and partnership follow-up (UBS Optimus Foundation, Medicor Foundation, Symphasis Foundation, Gertrude Hirzel Foundation, Canton of Geneva, Commune of Meyrin, etc.)

Capacity building: Summer School in Comparative International Education by UNIGE/FAPSE, Swissfundraising, CSR


Thematic, philanthropic and economic networks: RECI, Réseau Education DDC, Education 21, Crelac, Creg, Philantropic Advisors, SFG

University partnerships: UNIGE/FAPSE (Prof. Akkari, via UBS Optimus Foundation), EPFL/UNESCO Chair/Tech4Dev, HEG Genève, HEG Fribourg

Bank details

CCP 17-611450-4 / IBAN CH65 0900 0000 1761 1450 4


Tax reduction: All donations made to Aide et Action are tax deductible.