« Femmes Actives engagées pour l’Education »

The education of women and girls is a priority for Aide et Action and the association runs 17 projects on that issue in Benin, Burkina Faso, China, India, Mali, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger and Senegal. The education of women and children, particularly in developing countries, allows families to escape the cycle of poverty they are trapped in and helps combat malnutrition and child mortality.

In 2009, Aide et Action Suisse launched the « Femmes Actives engagées pour l’Education » (“Active women fighting for education”) movement to:

  • Facilitate and promote access to education for girls and women
  • Improve teaching quality
  • Increase community participation in the movement in support of female education

The association encourages all active women, particularly those working for Swiss SMEs, to participate in the movement in order to give a little girl a chance and to allow more girls and women to go to school.

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