Fragile Lives: Education for Children with Disabilities

What the situation is
Cambodia is a country where almost no provision is made for children with disabilities, who are culturally perceived as an ill omen for their families. In addition to being grievously marginalised, they have next to no chance of getting an education. The figures speak for themselves: one child with disability in two has never been inside a school. The numbers are not likely to improve as long as government policies to remedy this situation remain weak in their implementation.

What we want to achieve
To promote equal access to quality education for all Cambodian children, including children with disabilities, and to adapt the educational environment to the needs of children with disabilities.

How we plan to achieve it
We partner with communities, specialised institutions and ordinary schools to identify out-of-school children with disabilities in our area of intervention. We adapt school facilities and infrastructure to their needs, such as ramps. We train teachers in inclusive and special education to work with children with disabilities, and provide in-kind scholarships to children to support their attendance in school. We set up integrated classes where children can learn and play together. To make sure that the families can afford to send their children to school, we identify and train those families most in need of livelihood support and help them develop income-generating activities. Lastly, at the National Forum on Disability and the Cambodia Initiative for Disability Inclusion, we advocate for stronger implementation of national policies on disability.

Lieu du projet : Cambodia
Région : Asie du sud est
Domaine : Access and quality of education, Inclusive education
Durée : 2012 - 2019
Le projet concerne : 2300 children with disability; 350 teachers and principals; 780 vulnerable children
Chef de projet : Samphors VORN
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