A Haven for Migrants: Health and Education for Migrant Children

What the situation is
According to UNESCO, there are currently 15 million migrant children living in India today. Most of them live in unhealthy conditions at the various worksites where their parents seasonally migrate (brick kilns, stone crushing and construction sites). In these hostile environments, children are malnourished and lack access to basic services such as child care, safe shelter and education. This context of deprivation impairs children’s psychological, cognitive and physical growth. It also exposes them to the threat of labour exploitation.

What we want to achieve
To give migrant children access to their rights and entitlements, and create a safe environment for them at worksites or neighbouring schools through education adapted to their contexts and needs.

How we plan to achieve it
We establish Child Care and Learning Centres (CCLCs) at the 65 different worksites targeted by the project. In CCLCs, children are educated and have access to medical services such as immunization and regular health checkups. We teach children the importance of hygiene, while also engaging with parents to raise their awareness of the basics of child care. We also engage in dialogue with facility owners and local government officials to advocate for the rights of migrants in India, and ensure that children enrolled in the CCLCs transfer to public schools when they return home.

Lieu du projet : India
Région : Asie du sud
Domaine : Access and quality of education, Migration
Durée : 2014 - 2017
Le projet concerne : 10'000 individuals
Chef de projet : Cyril Martin
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