Every Birth Counts: Using Mobile Phones for Birth Registration

What the situation is
Birth registration is still a major issue in Africa: more than one child in two in the Sub-Saharan region is not registered with local authorities. What this immediately entails is the absence of legal existence, denial of the rights to education and health as well as property rights and social entitlements, denial of nationality and citizenship, and exposure to grave abuses. A permanent system must be put in place that ensures notification, transcription and official registration of all births in villages and hamlets.

What we want to achieve
To protect and promote children’s fundamental rights through birth registration via mobile phone.

How we plan to achieve it
An app developed in partnership with Orange and Nokia is installed on mobile phones and is used to connect the municipality’s civil registration officer, village chief and departmental judge. At each birth, the registration officer gets a notification from the village chief via mobile. After data verification and under the judge’s supervision, the officer registers the birth and gives a registration number to the declaration, which is transferred back to the village chief and subsequently shared with parents.

Results from the pilot phase have exceeded our expectations. In the target areas, the birth registration rate reached 100%. The project was replicated in Côte d’Ivoire in 2014.

Lieu du projet : Senegal
Région : Afrique, Senegal
Domaine : Early childhood
Durée : 2012 - 2013
Le projet concerne : 70'000 people
Chef de projet :
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