Schools, not Streets: Education for Street Children

What the situation is
In Cambodia, thousands upon thousands of children in marginalised communities are left out in the streets, where they face high risks of abuse: trafficking, unsafe migration, labour exploitation, drugs, domestic violence and sexual abuse are threats that they face every day. Their life is characterised by lack of medical care, no education, hazardous jobs and deplorable living conditions. These children should be in school and enjoy stability and protection: this is what we aim to give them.

What we want to achieve
To support street children by helping them recover from traumatic experiences and reintegrating them into their families and society through schooling and safe shelter.

How we plan to achieve it
We prevent abuse on children by giving them what they have a right to: a fair and equitable access to education in specialised centres offering comprehensive care: education, health, nutrition, artistic and sport activities. We improve teaching quality by updating pedagogy and tailoring it to the specific needs of street children, with the support of local education experts and leaders. We engage with local authorities in the target area and with civil society at large to raise awareness of child rights through dialogue and consultation. Throughout the process, we facilitate the reintegration of children in public school and track them carefully to pre-empt or reduce the risk of dropout.

Lieu du projet : Cambodia
Région : Asie du sud est
Domaine : Access and quality of education, Inclusive education
Durée : 2012 - 2019
Le projet concerne : 2'500 street children
Chef de projet : Samphors VORN
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