The Power of (Online) Books: Promoting Literacy through the Khmer Library

What the situation is
Without a sufficient level of education, breaking the cycle of poverty can be extremely difficult. Despite significant progress over the past decade, the literacy rate in Cambodia still stands at only 73.9% and Cambodia remains a poor country (17.7% poverty headcount ratio in 2012). Meanwhile, access to mobile technology in Cambodia is rapidly increasing, even for those with modest incomes. ICT hold considerable potential for promoting more equitable access to education in the country, since they can be used for teaching and learning purposes and are well-suited to mass consumption.

What we want to achieve
To improve access to quality education in Cambodia and build a reading and learning culture among young people aged 5-16, through use of ICT solutions and low-cost mobile libraries.

How we plan to achieve it
To improve literacy and build a reading culture anywhere, it is necessary for people to have access to reading materials. In this light, we, together with an ICT partner, have developed the Khmer Library, an e-learning application that is quick and easy for schoolchildren and teachers to access. In remote regions where there is no internet connection, we have set up an alternative system that allows communities to share the same reading material: the mobile library (a tuk-tuk carrying the reading materials moves from one village to another).

More than 38’000 people are actively using the Khmer Library app. The project won the “Best Performance in Corporate Social Responsibility” award at the 2015 Cambodia ICT awards.

Lieu du projet : Cambodia
Région : Asie du sud est, Cambodia
Domaine : Access and quality of education, Livelihood education
Durée : 2015 - 2018
Le projet concerne : At least 3'000 disadvantaged children and youth aged 5-16; 20 Khmer writers and authors
Chef de projet : Vorn Samphors
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