Fields of intervention

Aide et Action is currently leading 80 projects centered around 9 great thematic areas. Our goal is to remove the obstacles that currently impede access to knowledge.

  • Livelihood education

    We provide vocational training to marginalised youth without qualifications.

  • Health education

    We sensitise populations to hygiene, nutrition and the modes of transmission and contamination of disease.

  • Sustainable development and global citizenship education

    We teach students and their parents about the great challenges of the twenty-first century.

  • Inclusive education

    We develop alternative education programmes to integrate those who are excluded from education: street children, ethnic minorities, the disabled...

  • Access and quality of education

    We work towards a world in which every person has access to quality education.

  • Women and girls' education

    We support women and girls in attaining absolute male/female parity in terms of access to education.

  • Migration

    We instruct and provide health checkups to the children of migrant workers, who are often considered second-rate citizens.

  • Early childhood

    Through care and education, we fight against retarded growth, malnutrition and disease among under fives.

  • Emergency and Post-emergency

    In critical situations, we set up projects to answer immediate needs and support victims.