Early childhood care and education

  • Nearly 6 million children died before the age of 5 in 2015
  • 200 million young children lack access to health, development and education programmes

The future and wellbeing of the child are determined in the days, weeks and months that follow its birth. Today, it is accepted that families’ access to health, support and education centres for their young ones has a positive impact on the development and future learning abilities of children.

Aide et Action’s early childhood programmes aim at the quality of children’s development. We aim to reduce infant mortality and maltreatment, and to develop good learning conditions inside the family, at the daycare centre and in preschool.

Aide et Action builds the capacity of professionals working in early childhood care and development centres, and monitors health, including during vaccination campaigns. We have preschooling activities to familiarise children and their parents as early as possible with the benefits of education. Another aspect of our action is sensitisation and parent training in children’s physical development (nutritional needs, basic hygiene, prevention of transmissible diseases), emotional development (specific needs of young children in terms of parent/child interactions and exchanges), and cognitive development (alertness, beginning to learn, etc.)

Implemented strategies in the realm of early childhood care and development rely heavily on the active participation of communities, families in particular.