Health education

  • One third of the world's population lacks access to basic health services
  • 171 million children under 5 suffer from malnutrition

To be in good health, to eat well and enough food, and to enjoy basic health services are essential for anyone to blossom in life, learn, work and take part in the world as a citizen. Yet today, one third of the world’s population lacks access to basic health services, while 2.4 billion lack access to purification services and nearly 20 million children lack access to basic vaccines..

Aide et Action has a double goal:

– Improve its beneficiaries’ health and allow them access to education and training.

– Make education the entry point to prevention and awareness-raising about health.

In this context, the organisation developed its actions along three main axes:

Food security: most families in our countries of intervention have to deal with shortages of essential staples. Difficulties are worsened by spikes in food prices. Aide et Action has set up school canteens and local or school gardens  to facilitate food production and sensitise parents about the importance of healthy and varied meals.

Hygiene and purification: construction of adapted sanitation facilities (latrines, washing spaces, etc.), access to drinkable water and sensitisation to basic rules regarding hygiene (water consumption, modes of disease transmission, etc.) are core activities of our projects.

HIV/AIDS and STD (sexually transmitted diseases) prevention: in countries with high prevalence rates, less than half of young women aged 15 to 24 have sufficient knowledge of HIV. Education and VIH/STD prevention therefore remains a major issue for the organisation. We develop information tools on AIDS to help our target populations learn how to protect themselves, live or get treatment.