Inclusive education

  • 215 million children are working in the world today
  • 90% children with disabilities don't have access to quality education

Children subjected to labour, street children, children with disabilities, ethnic and linguistic minorities… the poorest, most vulnerable, and most fragile are those who remain excluded from education. The conditions in which they live effectively deprive them from education, and thus from any opportunity to improve the very living conditions that hinder them in the first place.

Aide et Action aims to give these populations opportunities to learn, build another kind of life, and reintegrate society and the school system.

In Cambodia, Lao PDR, Madagascar, and India, Aide et Action runs educational programmes tailored to these children: support and capacity building of reception centres for street children, night or noon schools for working children, setting up adapted classes or centres for children with disabilities. In addition, Aide et Action is promoting a more inclusive vision of education which allows excluded children to reintegrate ‘traditional’ educational systems through adapting the school environment, specific teaching and learning materials, teacher training as well as community sensitisation.

Our projects include information and sensitisation campaigns among populations and relevant authorities to raise awareness about respect for difference and facilitate inclusion for marginalised populations.