Livelihood education

  • 200 million youth aged 15-24 do not complete primary school. One youth aged 15-24 out of eight is unemployed
  • 621 million youth are neither studying, nor following vocational training, nor working or looking for a job

1 adult out of 5 in the world today knows neither how to read nor write. Regions where illiteracy is most prevalent are Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, where it can reach above 50 percent in certain areas. These regions are also experiencing high demographic growth, which leads to a need for extensive vocational training. Most marginalised youth come from disadvantaged backgrounds: linguistic minorities, rural populations living in remote areas, etc.


In this context, Aide et Action International opens avenues for youth under 25 to follow vocational training, particularly women and disadvantaged youth looking for employment. Trainings on offer provide pupils with basic skills and knowledge (‘second chance’ education, literacy), essential aptitudes for social and economic inclusion (self-confidence, problem-solving, ease with speaking several languages), and an overall qualification tailored to the local market.