Sustainable development and global citizenship education

  • In 2015, natural disasters caused over 20'000 deaths
  • The effects of climate change could force 200 million people to migrate each year

Every person is responsible for the world in which he or she lives, and in which her children will grow. Protecting the environment, promoting solidarity, taking an active part in building tomorrow’s world are core challenges for Aide et Action. Answering them means working on three different levels: preserving the environment and developing education to natural resource management; capacity building of civil society, particularly youth groups; and recreating social links in society through space and time.

Aide et Action advocates for the integration of sustainable development and global citizenship education into school curricula. This type of education contributes to individual and collective capacity development towards responsible choices about sustainable development.

In Vietnam, Aide et Action International has set up a programme to sensitise communities to environmental issues. Aide et Action has multiplied actions to help youth share their ideas and experiences, particularly through the project Learning Together through Cooperation and the Media. This project was launched in 2009. It allows children from French and Senegalese schools to work together and share their cultures and traditions through a magazine, a website and a radio.