Partnerships with companies and foundations

3 reasons to become our partner

  • To act concretely for education with an expert organisation for a visible and viable impact on populations

  • To mobilise your staff, providers and customers: involve, sensitise, federate

  • You will benefit from a 60% tax deduction on your donations within the limit of 0.5% of your revenue (excluding tax), with the possibility to defer the benefit of deductibility over five fiscal years.

Our method: building a partnership together

Companies and Foundations – today, you are key actors in development due to your leverage and concern for social and environmental responsibility. To be our partner means a guarantee that you act for a more just and solidarity-driven world, highlight your commitment, federate your staff and sensitise your customers around a common project, all the while benefiting from our expertise and know-how.

Together, let us change the world through education.

Different types of partnerships

  • Sponsorship
  • Product sharing
  • Solidarity-based financing
  • Skill-based sponsorship
  • Donation deducted from salary
  • Collaborators’ fundraising
  • Media support
  • Other approaches

Let’s meet

Contact one of our two Partnership Managers at the address

Guigone Devevey : +41 (0)22 716 52 14
Renaud Contini : +41 (0)22 716 52 19